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On Design

It must be useful,
It must work dependably,
It must be beautiful,
It must last,
It must be the best of its kind.

-Alfred Dunhill

Custom furniture begins with an idea. That idea may come from a piece you already own, from a picture in a book or magazine, a picture on this website, or from a piece of furniture at a friend's house or furniture store.

I am both artist and craftsman. My job as an artist is to design a piece that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements. I work with you and help you develop your idea into a design, often going through a few drafts before reaching the final product. Each piece is as unique as its owner, and each design process is also unique.

My designs have evolved from emulating others I admire to finding my own modern style. I prefer to design first and build, or figure out how to build, second. This approach keeps designs fresh and challenges the craftsman within me. My own aesthetic is similar to that of the Shakers – an aesthetic where simplicity is grace, where form follows function, where nothing needs to be added and nothing can be taken away.

Meeting the functional requirements is one thing. Creating a piece that harmonizes with your space is another. My job is to do both. A piece can be made to match or complement pieces in your existing collection. It can be made to precisely fit a space. My furniture is scaled to the surroundings and has pleasing proportions.

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